Creature (EP 2013)

by Nikola Tesla & Thee Coils

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released March 10, 2013



all rights reserved


Nikola Tesla & Thee Coils Moscow, Russia

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Track Name: of Love and Betrayal
When the sun set down to the horizon line
You told me you could never ever lie to me
You told me
And then it started to rain and you took my hand
And you asked me if I can be another man
For one night
One and only night
And you said it would be greatfull if I try and I tried
And the other one in me didn't make it out through that night
So I woke up next morning forsaken by myself
You changed me girl and right after that you left

Ok, girl ok if you want it that way
Baby you are nothing but the monkey on my back
Please pack your things, hit the road and won't you ever dare to come back
Track Name: Golem
Я сплю
Я ем
Я пью
Я голем

Веки обвисли
Кожа из камня
Медленные мысли
Как меня зовут не помню сам я
Track Name: It's funny because it's true
Girls consider me of any use
When they take unacceptable amount of booze
And the rest time when they are not drunk
They treat me like a useless junk

They say
Mister you dont worth anything
We will talk to you when you'll buy the wedding ring
And right about now get of our sight
'cause you are not able to treat any girl allright

People keep talking behind my back
I gotta quit on wine and smoking crack
Well the thing I now even if I quit
I'll still remain the useless shit

They say
Mister you dont worth anything
We will talk to you when you'll buy the wedding ring
And right about now get of our sight
'cause you are not able to treat any girl allright
Track Name: Walkaway
I'm not the one that I used to be last night
You treat me wrong so I tend to change my mind

And walk away
Away from you
And walk away
From what you put me through
And walk away
From the things you say
I walk away

I'll pull the trigger and become a glowing mist
You have a second to concern and think of this
Track Name: Vegetable
I'm a vegetable and I don't need to go out
I can stay at home I don't need to twist and shout
I don't like the sound of rock'n'roll because it's realy loud

I'm a vegetable and I spend my life in my bed
I could pick up a girl but I lay in my bed instead
Could somebody tell me am I still alive or dead

I'm a vegetable and I need to grow me some brain
'Cause without grey matter I feel like I'm going insane
I'm 27 and I don't even have a name

I'm a vegetable, I was watered with acid rain
I've been doped with hash, I was sniffing too much cocaine
Now the only thing I realy feel all the time is pain

I'm a vegetable with my roots down into the ground
I'm the most boring person that could be possibly found
Don't you ever try to be my friend or I will drag you down
Track Name: Палтус
Мама купила палтус на рынке
Мама принесла домой палтус в корзинке
Палтус был замерзший и не чувствовал боли
А раньше он играл и резвился на воле
Я спросил у палтуса вдруг он ответит
Откуда у палтуса рождаются дети
А палтус смотрел отсутствующим взглядом
Он был заморожен, он не знал, что мне надо
Палтус думал в глубине своих мозгов
Сколько мама испечет с ним пирогов
Палтус думал и никак не мог понять
Как матросы смогли его поймать
Ведь он резвился, прыгал и метался за кормой
Палтус был хипповый с огромной бородой
Мама приказала бороду побрить
Палтус решил, что не хочет больше жить
Масло закипало в сковородке на плите
Палтус приближался к маминой мечте
Машина квартира и домашний уют
Дети палтуса песенки поют
Track Name: Lu-Lu
Meet me after the sundown
On the bench that we used to sit
I guess there is no salvation
And we lost our ways to retreat
Do you remember how young we were
Three years of eternity back
We losing ourself and we don't give a damn
Of our personalities lack

Ah-ah Lu-Lu

Time after time
What's yours and what's mine
Things we accept
And things we decline
Holding your hand
Is the only way out
Reletive motion of souls in the sky
Six in the morning
And we making love
On the hill by the traintrack and the sun shines above
Precious illusion of ultimate joy
I'm you, you are me
Like it's meant to be

Ah-ah Lu-Lu